As DURKAR CARPET senior management and employees, which is an important supplier for the sectors it serves, in order to manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets;


Documentation, certification and continuous improvement of our information security management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard,


  • - Fulfillment of applicable conditions regarding ISMS,
  • - To protect the Accessibility, Integrity and Confidentiality of Information,
  • - Determining Information Security Goals and monitoring them with a measurable reporting system
  • - Determining roles regarding current responsibilities and authorities for the execution of the Information Security Management System,
  • - Ensuring that our basic and supportive business activities continue uninterruptedly,
  • - Ensuring that information is only accessible to authorized persons and separation of duties,
  • - Providing the necessary resources for the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the ISMS,
  • - Systematic management of risks to information assets,
  • - Compliance with all laws and regulations regarding Information Security in our country,
  • - Closely monitoring technological developments regarding Information Security,
  • - Being aware of the importance of education, providing necessary training opportunities regarding ISMS to all our employees,
  • - We undertake to support the human resources required for ISMS, and to manage our activities, which we implement, together with our other management systems.
  • - In this context, our stakeholders, 3rd parties and suppliers who access / are authorized to access Durkar Carpet information assets working in the company are also responsible for complying with our main policy on information security.